Before I begin I have to make it clear that I am a big fan of cheese. From the mighty Cornish Yarg to a fresh and light Mozzarella and a great big stinking chunk of Gorgonzola. They've all passed my bearded lips at some point and brought a loving and grateful smile to my extremely manly face.

 BUT...with cheese comes danger and with danger comes responsibility.  The correct amount of cheese is sublime, the perfect finishing touch to a sauce or as a topping.  Too little and you've wasted your time and mine but more can always be added.  The biggest and dare I say most heinous danger is that of OVERCHEESING.

 Overcheesing appears to be rife in Cornwall.  I think it's because we Cornish are a generous and friendly lot at heart, only starting the odd war over correct layering of jam and cream or Kings telling us we have to speak that there bleddy English. 

 If you are on friendly terms with someone who works or owns a cafe, shop, sandwich bar or restaurant, or even just hanging out at a friend's house, its almost guaranteed that at some point you will get overcheesed. With a surge of generosity, whatever you are served that contains cheese will be smothered with a lava flow of yellow love. I recently purchased a cheese salad wrap from a local shop. The person I was with was a friend of the person serving. They smiled and laughed and shared a little joke with us while enthusiastically filling our wraps with some salad followed by about a pound of cheese each.  Have you ever tried to eat a pound of cheese in one lunchtime snack? Please stop it. I'll be your friend.  I'll eat in your cafe and restaurant.  Just stop believing more cheese is better.  The right amount of cheese is better.  It's the bestus of all.

Next weeks headlines: Undercheesing. Eating in places where the staff don't like you...or maybe not.

   If you do like the correct amount of cheese then you will do no better than to munch your way over to Cornwall's greatest milky export, the Yaaaaaaaaaaarg! Click here to head over to its herculean home Lynher Dairies which is also home to Kern, the 2017 Supreme Champion of the WORLD at the World Cheese Awards.  Yes, OF THE WORLD. More Cornish greatness.

As it's getting near that time then why not treat your Valentine to a cheese lover's ultimate gift. A heart shaped Yarg. <---Click there.

Heart Shaped Yarg